Obama’s dirty secrets exposed!!

Weeks away the mid-terms election, Dems are hurriedly trying all their possible best to take over the House and senate in order to stop President Donald Trump of all his good works.
The big shots in the party are doing everything in their powers to destroy President Trump Reputation by all means, without thinking straight.
The most f*cked up thing is that they have no reasonable fact against the President. All they have to entice voters is nothing other than;
 We dislike President Trump, he is a Racist”
We all know that the President been a “Racist” is a f*cking lie. Truth be told!
Years ago! Dems could count on Obama to pull over crowds but in recent days we are hearing very little from him not knowing he has been secretly planning on how to trick and win over key voters.
 Have you noticed Obama on all networks, cables and Sunday shows mocking President Trump and also pushing a minimum wage hike and all the other predictable progressive applause lines? Am pretty sure you haven’t and that’s because Obama wants to carefully play a fast one on some selected districts such as California Orange county and rally Dems without rousing Republicans. Obama right now is in “Stealth Mode” because his policies brought American economy to a wrecked state”.
One of Obama recent speeches hit the internet weeks ago and it was a disaster. This reminded America why they voted Trump. Obama is no leader, he is nothing but a leader of “CAN’T”.  HE has hurt Americans so much for good eight years, selling out the country to foreign interest and by so doing destroying the country economy.
If Obama were to make appearances across the country, it will definitely spell a disaster for Democrats. But come to think of it it’s not as if Democrats have any credible person to stump for them rather than Obama and that’s why Obama has been sneaking around, trying to stir up voters.
What Obama did to America can’t be forgotten, he lie, cheated and used his office to enrich his pockets and enjoy a pampered lifestyle.



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