Right-wing media personality Candace Owens mocked photographs of 2018 depicting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weeping outside a Tornillo, Texas Migrant Children’s Detention Center, staging her own “photoshoot” imitating the photographs previously unknown.

The Blexit activist joined the New York Congresswoman’s injurious conservative critics in ridiculating a series of photographs taken last year from Ocasio-Cortez as she broke down crying at a chain-link fence surrounding a Texas migrant detention facility.


Owens took the chance to mock the emotional pictures and slammed Ocasio-Cortez of staging a disingenuous “picture shoot” a few days before Joe Crowley on June 26 of last year was angry.

“I decided to stage a photoshoot just like @AOC! Except I’m outside of an inner-city school where the conditions are abhorrent and the majority of black AMERICAN boys can’t pass a basic reading exam. Maybe the liberal media will give this epidemic some attention now? #BLEXIT,” Owens tweeted.


“(Btw, I don’t know about you guys but I always wear all-white and red lipstick plus thousands of dollars worth of jewelry when I go stage a *legitimate* protest)” Owens wrote on Instagram.

Legions of right-wing critics took social media outlets to edit Ocasio-Cortez’s spectacular pictures outside Texas tent city after posting them previously this week. Scathing remarks criticized the outfit of Ocasio-Cortez, accusing her of being too emotional and cynically saying she was taking “Jussie Smollett’s acting classes.”


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