President Trump Finally Deports half a million illegal Aliens

Earlier today, It was reported that Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham exclusively told “Sunday Morning Futures” Maria Bartiromo that he is working to introduce a legislation to tackle the immigration crisis of the country on Wednesday.

He said the legislation would halt what he called the “perfect storm” of illegal immigration that now constitutes an “invasion” at the southern border, and predicted that “90 percent of illegal immigration” from Central America would soon come to an end under his plan.

Graham’s plan will permit the US government to hold illegal children for 100 days instead of the current 20 days. A rule  that was put in place by Obama appointed Judge Back in July 2018.


Judge Dolly, the Obama appointed Judge, ruled that illegal alien children could not be held by the government for longer than 20 days. A rule Graham plans to change.

Graham’s plan will also force illegal aliens from Central America to apply for asylum from their home country and not at the border of the U.S.



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