Rapper T.I releases a fake video of Melania Trump performing Strip Tease for him

Kanye West put on ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, last week and visited the Oval Office and praised President Donald Trump for his excellent work in the black community.

This act by Kanye West did not go well with Democrats who needs not less than 75% of the black vote to win elections these days. The black vote makes up at least 25% of the Democrat vote.

At about 7:53 pm on Saturday night, Rapper T.I. wrote on his twitter page: “Sorry 45, I ain’t Kanye”


Rapper T.I. been a Democrat released a disgusting video of First Lady Melania Trump doing a strip tease for him in the Oval Office. Then he leads her naked to one of the bedrooms.

This is the lowest of lows the Left has gone, as at the time of posting this update the video has been up on Twitter for 2days, Twitter being a left organization has left the video up for two days without taking it down nor suspended the account.


This video actually is fake, as it involves a doppelganger of Melania Trump completely naked and strips teasing in the 1-minute video.


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