Richard Allan, Facebook VP faces grilling, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg Refuses to attend

Lawmakers from around the world were expected to question a top Facebook executive Richard Allan over “fake news” on Tuesday at a hearing that CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to attend.

Politicians and other top officials from at least seven countries will question Richard Allan, Facebook vice president of policy solutions in London. Representatives from the U.K., Canada, Australia, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore and Latvia invited Zuckerberg to give evidence, even by video link, but he declined.

The event is billed as the inaugural “Grand Committee on Disinformation.” It is organized by Damian Collins, the British lawmaker who chairs a parliamentary committee investigating disinformation and the use of people’s data.


The committee increased the heat by seizing confidential Facebook documents from the developer of a now-defunct bikini photo-searching app.


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