Sen. Lindsey Graham Boldly Mops the Floor with Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats

It was reported that after Mueller report, there have been a growing number of desperate Democrats seeking for various ways to impeach Trump before he gets the chance to win back the oval office in 2020.

Among Democrats calling for Trumps impeachment are most of the 2020 Presidential candidates. Including the likes of Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Speaking to reporters Monday, Sen. Harris said the Mueller report “tells us that this president and his administration engaged in obstruction of justice.” Adding that she is running “to get rid of this president” and that Congress “should take the steps towards impeachment.” Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren also renewed her call for impeachment. She said “If any other human being in this country had done what’s documented in the Mueller report, they would be arrested and put in jail.”


On Monday, Sen. Lindsey Graham called out Democrats on their BS, challenging that the party put its money where its mouth is in regard to impeaching President Donald Trump.
While talking to CNN on Monday, Graham said he believed special counsel Robert Mueller “would be the final word on this.”
The South Carolina senator then dared congressional Democrats to “have the courage” to impeach Trump and said that Mueller’s report into election interference by the Russians in 2016 was good enough for him.
“[Mueller] is for me. If you want to keep doing this, be my guest,” he said. “You really think he needs to be impeached, have the courage of your conviction just don’t talk about it, do it.”

Am feeling great, I’m done with the Mueller report. The Mueller’s report — which found that the 2016 Trump campaign did not conspire with the Kremlin to win the election.


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