SHOCKING – Jeffrey Epstein’s Closest friend found dead

Jeffery Esptein's butler, Alfredo Rodriguez found dead
Jeffery Esptein's butler discovered dead

Yet another associate of Epstein bites the dust, he wished to come clean with the renowned black book of Epstein after it was disclosed. A book thought to contain the list of top customers and friends who sponsored his sex mansion and had sexual intercourse with hundreds of underage women.

The former butler of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Alfredo Rodriguez, was discovered dead before a plea deal was made. A deal involving giving up a certain black box comprising all of Epstein’s sexual intercourse with hundreds of underage women and his multimillionaire client fleet.


Apparently, Epstein was also found dead, after the court un-sealed over 2,000 previously sealed documents as requested by multiple media sources as FOIA.

Jeffrey Epstein was also suspected to have agreed on a plea deal with the Fed’s before he died.On January 8, 2015. NewsPunch reported – Alfredo Rodriguez, who was Epstein’s houseman for many years, passed away last week.

Jeffery Esptein's Closest friend found dead
Epstein’s butler bites the dust and with him the location of the ‘black book’.

Rodriguez had previously served prison time after refusing to hand over Epstein’s book in 2011 and attempting to sell it for over £30,000.

Rodriguez’s’ black book’ is a journal in which Epstein is known to have described the women who visited his estates for “massages” for him and his colleagues, and details of his celebrity colleagues and colleagues who patronized his company of sex trafficking.


The document’s present location has not been revealed, and according to a source, the Mirror says the attorneys of Jeffrey Epstein are “petrified” about where it will go.



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