Six (6) Mind Boggling Questions Linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicidal Scandal

We will discuss a few unanswered questions about the deceased Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in this article. I call them “6 Mind-boggling Questions about the death of Epstein The mainstream media keep confidential”

Did Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide or was he been killed? This is an issue that millions of Americans are debating right now, and this is without a doubt the hottest story at the moment. But the mainstream media is already dropping the ball, unfortunately.


Rather than going wherever the proof leads, there already seems to be a tremendous attempt to marginalize any other explanation for his death than “suicide.”

And it may turn out that “suicide” is where the evidence takes us, but we shouldn’t be scared to ask the difficult questions while things are uncertain.


Jeffery Esptein dead

  1.  Why are the findings of the autopsy postponed? According to NBC NewsNBC News, before determining the cause of Epstein’s death, the New York City medical examiner’s office is asking for “more data”

  2. Why did Jeffrey Epstein go off watching suicide? He was placed on suicide watch after Epstein tried to “kill himself” for the first time, but only for a brief span according to CNN.
  3. Why would Jeffrey Epstein attempt to kill himself if he adapted so well to life in jail? Epstein “seemed to be in excellent spirits” shortly before his life finished, according to a “jail insider” interviewed by the Daily Mail.
  4. Why have the guards broken the guidelines of the jail and not checked him every 30 minutes? Apparently these guards worked a lot of overtime, but that’s no excuse to break the laws of the prison.

  5. How could Epstein kill himself in a jail where the cells were intended specifically to avoid this? According to a former prisoner of the Metropolitan Correction Center in Lower Manhattan who had just been interviewed by the New York Post, there is no way that Epstein would have been able to hang himself.
  6. Why did Jeffrey Epstein say somebody was attempting to kill him? Mainstream media revealed that Epstein had earlier attempted to kill himself, but Epstein himself obviously contradicted that report directly.

Everything in the cell was designed to keep hanging deaths from happening, but that is not the only way that prisoners kill themselves.


According to a study cited by the Los Angeles Times, over 90 percent of all prison suicides are hangings, and drug overdoses are the second most common cause…So is it possible that Epstein could have come up with a way to kill himself?

Yes, even though it wasn’t simple. Epstein was definitely a miserable human being, and he likely thought he would die away in a prison cell for the remainder of his life without anything good to live for.

Ultimately, if someone in his place chose the cowardly path of committing suicide, it would certainly not be a surprise.


But there’s no doubt that something seem not to smell right here. There have been reports that Epstein was prepared to begin testifying against his wealthy and strong friends, but this is might never going to occur.

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