“The Death Of Any Country” America Today

Human history is filled with stories about the rise and fall of civilizations. This fall usually accrues to the gradual and ever-present decay in the original values, culture, beliefs, laws, philosophy, and ideology that raised such civilizations in the first place.

Human co-existence requires shared traits and values that allow peaceful, productive and prosperous co-existence.

Once these traits and values begin to disappear, the great majestic society begins to decay and degrade until it vanishes into thin air completely.


The united states of America

United States of America is one of the greatest civilized country this world has ever seen; standing as a role model to the rest of the world in the areas of culture, lifestyle, economics, politics, technology, television, and other areas too many to mention. The point is that America has affected literally every corner of the globe (and beyond).

America promotes certain ideas that are commendable; even worth admiring. These ideas include freedom, patriotism, loyalty, fearless courage, integrity, self-sacrifice, and devotion, liberty and equality, faith, justice and humanity among others.

The nation was founded by great men who desperately wanted to create a land where good people could exist and thrive. They worked hard, some even gave their lives to create the land of their dreams; a land ruled by peace and prosperity, equality among its citizens, and freedom to live one’s life to the fullest.


With such values and hard work, it’s easy to see why the US is a coveted migration destination for many countries of the world. With the advances in Information Technology, American television has gained international recognition and acceptance; which has only increased the popularity of American culture. This popularity has influenced many countries around the world to input some form of American lifestyle and culture into their own.

But, similar to any other civilization that has seen what one would call a golden age, it’s glory has begun to wane. The once strong and unshakable moral, political, and socio-economic standards have been reduced to something the founders would hardly even recognize. Mechanisms created with aim of furthering the cause of the greater good have been reduced to nothing but money making schemes. Admirable traits like integrity and honesty that used to govern municipal offices have been replaced by foul-smelling corruption. The once wealthy and self-sufficient nation has been reduced to one neck deep in debt and struggling to survive, all the while battling with oxygen depriving international treaties that will bring it to it’s end.

America was conceived of unity and oneness; today the country has fragmented into many groups and factions, each having conflicting interests and that conflict would sometimes result in violence.



Genetically countries don’t have timed mortality dates but there are signs that can be noticed when a nation is declining.

The sad fact is that due to the mentally and physically exhausting nature of our days we hardly notice any of them. We’re too busy living our lives to see that our very nation is dying. These signs can only be seen in all clarity long after the worst has happened.


The decay can be viewed from many perspectives but let’s touch few examples:

  • Decay in the Economy; A country that is healthy and economical has citizens with relatively high standards of living, whereas, in a dying nation, the citizens are poor and find it difficult to afford their basic needs. This economic nightmare is usually preceded by a time of plenty. Jobs become increasingly more difficult to come by. Government tries to make it easy on the unskilled and the unemployed by providing discouragement to work. Such efforts by the government require more public spending which directly increases the tax burden on everyone. Higher and higher taxes keep getting piled upon the working class which makes working an undesirable experience.

This triggers an obvious response. Capital in the form of investors and skilled labor deserts the country in search of areas with better chances of making a profit. This braindrain lowers quality in production output which worsens the already terrible economy. It is worth noting that as at 2014, the US recorded the highest ever renunciation of citizenship in history.

Absence of both human and cash capital produces economic sluggishness and eventual stagnation that can be noticed in the increased number of labour cuts, lack of maintenance of public structures and landmarks, increased number of potholes, massive close down of malls, retail shops and small business, increase in for-rent signs on the streets and a lot of other indicators that typically tell you your nation is going broke.


When things get as bad as this, people begin to tap into their savings thinking this is just another dry spell but this rain is more like that of Noah and ark. They soon use up those savings and get entangled in all sorts of debt. Reports of bankruptcy soars and more people become homeless, kinda like what’s happening in California today.

  • Decay in Government; Governments generally are the first to notice the decline or retardation; their efforts to address the problem or at least conceal it from the masses put gasoline in an already raging inferno. Just as the basic goal of firms and businesses is to make profits, the sole aim of the government is to remain in power.

Their objectives becomes;

  • To create a phony enemy so the focus will be shifted from their failures.
  • To convince the citizens that things are not so bad.

Due to the obvious lack of managerial sense among politicians, they try to expand or spend more in a bid to address the situation; making it worse.


The state issues false statistics in a bid to make things look like everything’s just fine. The state involves itself in further unchecked spending in an attempt to jump-start the economy. The spending actually proves counter-productive when you think of the cost.

They start encouraging people to live beyond their means by creating channels through which debt can be obtained with irrational ease. Life seems good for a while but they know what you’re getting into; what they’re putting you into.

Placing people in more debt makes them more reliant on the government and thus provides said government with more control. The government then start coming up with strange and absurd rules, citing protection for the citizens when in reality these laws are meant to protect the government from the citizens when they eventually realize what has happened.



The US, that was once the envy of the globe in terms of wealth and freedom shows advanced stages of deterioration in the three stages above. And the rate at which these things are happening is alarming.

People have that feeling that something is wrong even if they can’t place their finger on it. Perhaps they go by the assumption that whatever is happening is temporary and will soon blow over.



This term was used simply when referring to the avoidance of certain terms in an effort to avoid insulting groups of the population considered to be disadvantaged or suffering discrimination.

Today the term has been perverted into all sorts of socio-political weapons leaving certain very pressing matters undiscussed for fear of being politically incorrect.


Political correctness has moved far from its original definition of being respectful or polite. What is referred to as politically correct today in America is an attempt at silencing any conversation that could be considered offensive in the slightest no matter how ridiculous the offense is. The problem with that is that certain words or expressions considered offensive to some people might not be offensive to some others. This situation brings about inadequacy in solving problems that fall under the politically incorrect category, because said problems cannot be discussed with any effect for the fear of being politically incorrect, or offending a certain minority group in the population.

Political correctness brings about a lot of social grievances. This is because some segments of society are unable to express their views with the appropriate effect for the fear of being politically incorrect. Politicians then use this bottled up frustration to win elections. This is one of the major reasons why trump won.

If anyone gains anything from PC, it’s the government. They get to keep people from heated arguments that might lead to violence while the citizens pay the price of having to live with the frustration of not being able to express their frustration with other groups.


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