“The Elephant has fallen“ Gutfeld Rips on Kamala Harris 

"The Elephant has fallen“ Gutfeld Rips on Kamala Harris 

“The Elephant has fallen“ Gutfeld Rips on Kamala Harris

Greg Gutfeld unloaded on Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Tuesday, calling her a “big jerk” in response to an Axios interview in which she questioned if America was ready for a “woman of color” to be elected president.

“What a jerk, because America as a population is willing to get behind everybody and everybody. They had a two-term black president. Hillary got … the popular vote. And for her [Harris] to say the reason why I lost is because of you,” Gutfeld said on “The Five.” “Screw you, you are a big jerk.”


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Harris made the comments in a late October interview with “Axios on HBO” in which she also called the issue of her electability the “elephant in the room.”

“You know, essentially, is America ready for a woman and a woman of color to be president of the United States?” Harris said in the interview.


Gutfeld, who said he had “high hopes” for Harris, questioned her comments and blamed her for the failures of her own campaign that led to her dropping out of the race earlier Tuesday.

“I can’t stand this person because [of] what she did, blaming the American public because you’re a failure, because you didn’t work hard enough,” Gutfeld said. “That is so pathetic.”

“I felt that she thought any effort was beneath her,” Gutfeld sai





  1. I believe Joe and kamala stoled this election.and tried to destroy our country.and force this social agenda down our throats.they won’t be happy till they bankrupt our country.there has to be some sort of justice left in our country.how is this even possible. we the real tax payers are not enraged with this sham.remove them from office before they become a permanent fixture there.they will have us in a war next.

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