Trump goes Beast Mode on Sessions over illegal charges against GOP Lawmakers

Earlier on Monday President Donald Trump lunched an attack on his attorney general Jeff Sessions for the conspiracy of two law makers who during the 2016 election were his earliest supporters in congress, demanding they shouldn’t have been charged for reason that they are Republicans.

“Two long running, Obama era, investigatioeffn of two very popular Republican Congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge, just ahead of the Mid-Terms, by Jeff Sessions justice department,” President Donald Trump tweeted. “Two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. Good job Jeff…”

President Donald Trump was referencing charges against Reps. Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter, both of who were Trump early supporters.

The Justice Department charged Chris Collins and his Son with 13 counts of securities fraud and creating false statements related to an alleged insider trading scheme.


Chris Collins, been the first member of Congress to endorse President Donald Trump during the 2016 election, has professed his innocence, but suspended his re-election campaign. The insider allegations against him are from last year been 2017.

Weeks later Duncan Hunter was indicted for using campaign funds for personal use. DOJ charged Duncan Hunter and his beloved wife, Margaret Hunter, for campaign funds, and falsifying records, campaign finance violations and conspiracy.

Both Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter have pleaded not guilty as charged.


On Monday afternoon President Donald Trump tweeted that Democrats “Must love” Jeff Sessions in the wake of the charges, likening his popularity to former FBI Director James Comey, whom was fired by President Donald Trump last year.

President Donald Trump also tweeted. “The Democrats, none of whom voted for Jeff Sessions, Must love him now. Same thing with lyin’ James Comey. The DEms all hated him, wanted him out, thought he was disgusting -UNTILL I FIRED HIM! Immediately he became a wonderful man, a saint like figure in fact. Really sick!”

Of recent President Donald Trump has become increasingly outspoken in his critics against Jeff Sessions, pointing out that the attorney general, Jeff Sessions should have pushed to prosecute Democrats.


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