Watch Ron Johnson Unload on the Biden Crim Family

Watch Ron Johnson Unload on the Biden crime Family

Watch Ron Johnson Unload on the Biden crime Family

The evil corruption of the biden family is being unfolded right before our eyes, evidence has been piling up on Hunter Biden’s dirty work for the illegitimate president and more is still to come.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson along with Chuck Grassley took to the Senate floor on Monday to sound the alarm about what they say are troubling financial entanglements between President Biden’s son Hunter and the Chinese government.


“Over the course of our investigation into how Hunter Biden used his father’s position and name to enrich himself and his family, the dishonest press published countless stories reporting on the Democrats’ false charge that we were soliciting and disseminating Russian disinformation,” Johnson said on Monday. “Once we issued our September and November 2020 reports, which were based almost exclusively on U.S. sourced documents and interviews with U.S. citizens, the media largely ignored it. When they did write a story on it, they declared that our reports found nothing new. A classic media cover-up.”

Johnson explained that “the false attacks have not deterred us.”



“That’s why we’re presenting additional evidence today and over the next few days,” he continued. “For example, this is the first time this document is being made public. It shows that money from CEFC – which is effectively an arm of the Chinese Government – went directly to Hunter Biden.”

Watch Ron Johnson Unload on the Biden And  Family

According to a receipt provided by the senators, the state-controlled Chinese energy company CEFC paid Wells Fargo Clearing Services $100,000 with “further credit” going to Owasco, Hunter Biden’s firm

Grassley and Johnson previously produced two reports, one in September 2020, before the election, and one in November 2020, after President Joe Biden had been elected, that revealed ‘millions of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden and his associates and foreign individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party and Russian government.’


At the time, the reports were largely characterized as a partisan takedown during an election year.

The reports were made public around the same time The New York Post reported the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which the Biden campaign labeled Russian propaganda.

The laptop included emails connected to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.


Earlier this month, The New York Times said the contents of the laptop – which was left at a Delaware computer store – had been ‘authenticated.’


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